About Us

The Eagle Hotel in Le Roy may have 200 years of history behind it, but that doesn't mean it doesn't have a next chapter in life. The landmark building has fallen into the hands of three young men who have a vision for it that should make it a go-too place for people looking for a good time and good food for many years to come. Jon Marcello, Marc Marcello and Jason Beaumont have partnered to transform the Eagle into the Smokin' Eagle BBQ and Brew. "I think the concept, this building, the entertainment, the BBQ, it all kind of goes together," Jon Marcello said. Jason Beaumont grew up in Le Roy and first tried to buy the building 10 years ago. It didn't work out, but when the previous owners decided to sell in 2012, Beaumont took another stab at it. "I grew up there, and this building has so much character that you don't get in a lot of places," Beaumont said.

Since Beaumont had no experience in the food business -- his background is in the mortgage industry and has been investing in residential properties and doing property management for the past few years -- he started asking his friends Jon and Marc about how to run the restaurant side of his new building. The Marcello brothers own 58 Main Street in Brockport, which is a BBQ and Brew sports bar and have owned the business for 20 years. One day, Jon told him, you know, we're thinking of expanding. It didn't take long for the old friends to strike a deal on a new concept for the Eagle. The brothers would bring their experience with BBQ and Beer and Beaumont would be in charge of the building.

The two-page menu has a variety of Slow Smoked BBQ and sooo many more homemade options for everyone to enjoy!

The Eagle is the "Cheers" of LeRoy!